Career Trance

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Candidate Branding

Become the decision maker of your career and visualize your future.

Candidate/Employee Branding means in simpler terms what a candidate/employee projects about himself, knowledge and experience for a new job/role. He/She should be able to serve as a brand ambassador for his/her career. A strong sense of affiliation is seen of the candidate/employee towards his /her career and future objective.

Employee branding in your career

Every day in the business word

Someone wants your job

You are being evaluated

Your work and ability are being discussed (Internal /Externally) Loyalties, trends, customers/clients, demands and the economy are changing daily

Your industry, products and competitors are evolving

What makes you different from everyone else?

Developing your personal brand will help you:

In Your Current Job

In Your Career Search

In Finding New Opportunities/Partnerships

Building Rapport

Networking / Making Connections

Help You Become More Personally Fulfilled with Life